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If you can't find the products you are looking for, or if you have any questions, please call our customerservice:
0318 – 615 997


Orthodontistenpraktijk Ede
Veldhuizerweg 1
6712 DD Ede

 Contact: 0318 – 615 997

Make an appointment

Emergencies outside opening hours:

You can contact Dentist Post::

Phone: 0318 -611 888
A visit to the dentist post will be charged.


Monday 08.30 - 17.00
Tuesday 08.30 - 19.30
Wednesday 08.30 - 17.00
Thursday 08.30 - 17.00
Friday 08.30 - 17.00

Phone contact
We are lunching between 12:15 uur and 13:00 hour, you can add a message to the voicemail .
On fridays we are available on the phone between 8:30 - 12:15 uur.

Public Transport

Our practice is on the edge of centrum Ede and we offer free parking.

The bus line 5 towards Kernhem and line 4 towards Veldhuizen going from station Ede-Wageningen comes to our practice, stop Proosdijerveldweg. The station Ede-Centrum is about 15 minutes walk to the practice.

Emergencies outside opening hours

If you have problems with your orthodontic appliance in the evening, at the weekend or in the holidays, please refer to the possible solutions below. Possibly you could alleviate the problem yourself temporarily. Then (if necessary), please contact our practice by phone, available on working days between 08:00 and 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:15 (on Tuesdays to 17:30).
You can also come on the next working day to morning surgery at 08:00.

If you have very severe pain symptoms, outside our openingshoures, you can contact the Dentist post. They can be reached by phone on 0318 611888.
A visit to the Dentist Post will be charged.




One of the brackets in fixed braces is loose.

You can leave this until the next appointment. Do stop wearing the elastic bands. If needed, you may remove the bracket.

With fixed braces, something is sticking into my tongue/cheek or a wire is sticking out

You can clip the wire off with nail clippers. You can cover the place that is irritated with wax or sugar-free chewing gum.

The wire at the back is sticking out

You can clip the wire off with nail clippers or push the wire back somewhat.



A bit has broken off the plate

If wearing the plate does not cause pain, then just keep wearing it and call us for an appointment.

A wire is bent/broken off or is pressing on the gum

Don’t wear the plate any more and call us for an appointment

The wire across the palate is loose

Pull it entirely loose and call us for an appointment to replace the wire



The band is loose around the molar or the braces are bent

Leave the braces out and call us to make an appointment



Retention wire (bar) is sticking out

Clip off the protruding part (the bit that’s troubling you) and make an appointment to have a new bar fitted

OIR/Essix is cracked

Try to wear the Essix for as long as possible and make an appointment for making a new OIR/Essix